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1418-16x20-mom and daughter, south of Half Moon Bay.jpg - Oil


Hi fellow art lovers, painters, collectors and those who just dropped by to see what’s happening. Well, I’ve reached the grand old age of 87 in 2014, I’m not permitted to say which age Loii's reached but it’s not nearly as grand as mine.

Now, we paint less so, obviously, there’s less new work available for the public, which may inevitably lead to higher prices…and course if either of should depart this beautiful orb…well, you know, the values could just skyrocket. This is a bit tongue in cheek but take care, there could just be a spot of truth in there.

Loii and I each paint our individual form of contemporary realism;  We do not paint trendy styles or subjects as many look-alike painters do. There are no quotas, no pot-boilers...  we are unfettered painters of the heart.

We ‘re each dedicated to satisfying our commitment to beauty and we stop only when we’re convinced we’re as close to  that pledge as we can get. It’s not unusual for a month, or months of reworking to pass in order to reach that goal. The next piece either of us complete may or may not resemble the last one, but you can be certain, our loving care for the beauty grows with each one we sign.


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